Bumble is one of the most popular dating apps out there, thanks to its innovative female-centric approach. 

Bumble is one of the most popular dating apps out there, thanks to its innovative female-centric approach. 

A key part of its appeal is the emphasis it puts on safety for its female users. 

This is something that you dont find with other dating apps, and its the cornerstone of what Bumble is all about. 

Essentially, its up to the woman to make the first move and to initiate the conversation. 

It gives them the power in what is typically portrayed as the male-dominated world of online dating.

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Enjoy your dating on the go with the Bumble app that is available on IOS and Android devices.

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  • Setting up your profile couldnt be much easier: after all, you are only allowed a maximum of 300 words for your bio.
  • Non-romantic options: maybe you arent on Bumble looking for the one, but you just want a bit of companionship.
  • The app offers an option for friendship and even business connections.
  • No unsolicited messages: the key advantage of Bumble is that only when both parties have sent a like to each other will it be possible to initiate a conversation. That means no unwanted messages from strangers


  • Less detail: you dont have as much opportunity to show off your personality on a Bumble profile. Its pretty limited and photo-focused.
  • 24-hour time limit: once you match successfully with another user, it is up to the woman to make the first move.
  • But she only has 24 hours to initiate a conversation before the match disappears forever.
  • Lack of gender inclusivity: the options for transgender or non-binary users are basically zero. Essentially, if you identify as anything other than cis-male or female, then you will find Bumble to be a distinctly flawed platform.

Bumble Key Features:

  • Bumble Boost: Bumble offers users the option to upgrade their experience with Bumble Boost.
  • This will allow you to see everyone in your Beeline (that means everyone who swiped right on your profile), as well as extending matches by 24 hours, giving you unlimited likes, and a bunch of other great features.
  • Super Swipe: this is a good way to attract another users attention. You can purchase Super Swipes and, when you use one on a profile you like, the other user will be automatically notified.
  • Backtrack: one good feature is that you dont need to worry about accidentally swiping left on a profile you like.
  • Its easily done, and on other dating apps, theres nothing you can do to take it back. However, Bumbles Backtrack option enables you to do just that.


Bumble is certainly easy to use, and its emphasis on safety for its female users is commendable. 

Similarly, the options to make non-romantic connections relieve some of the pressure and stress of tackling online dating apps for the first time. 

As such, its a good option for both newbies and those who may have had bad experiences in the past.


However, the lack of options for non-binary or other gender identities is pretty problematic and limits the overall appeal. 

Bearing that in mind, if you are planning to give it a try, the emphasis on security and harassment-free flirtation is a breath of fresh air. The intractable heteronormativity, however, is not.

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