Mingle2 is a dating site and app designed with a very simple aim: to help singles meet each other and start up conversations.

Mingle2 is a dating site and app designed with a very simple aim: to help singles meet each other and start up conversations.

As such, it’s free from any bells and whistles and uses a pretty basic site design.

In some respects, this is refreshing, because it takes a lot of the confusion and hassles out of the online dating game.

But the lack of features can be frustrating too. Though it’s been around for a while, Mingle2 remains fairly small-fry when compared to other apps like Tinder or Bumble, though it’s not without its charms.

Mingle2 App

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The Mingle2 dating app is pretty straightforward to use with a clean layout. Available to download on IOS and Android devices.

mingle2 app
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Mingle2 ios app
Mingle2 android apps


  • A lot of free content: it’s pretty rare to find a dating app that lets you use its key features for free, but with Mingle2 you can browse all profiles and have unlimited messaging.
  • Reasonable price structure: even if you decide to sign up for a subscription, it won’t cost you too much. Prices range from just $5.99 a month to $9.99 a month.


  • Ads: as with any free online service, the screen is inevitably cluttered with ads that can get in the way of your activities.
  • Lack of verification: new users are not obligated to verify their identity, which means it’s easy to create a fake profile. Therefore, it’s worth keeping an eye out for scammers.

Mingle2 Key Features:

  • Forum: the Mingle2 forum is a very active hub for conversation, with several million messages to date.
  • Mutual Match: you can use this facility to filter your search down and only see the profiles that are relevant to you.


Overall, the most appealing thing about Mingle2 is the price. That is no doubt the main reason it has so many members. 

The proliferation of ads and fake accounts is certainly not ideal. Nor is the fact that they offer nothing in the way of tech support. 

But if you’re feeling adventurous, what have you got to lose? It is free after all.

How do I sign up for Mingle 2?

1. Go to mingle2.com.
2. Click the View Singles button.
3. Enter your Email and Zipcode.
4. Click the View Singles again.
5. Enter your NameBirthdayPassword, and Primarily Interested In and click the Complete My Profile button.
6. Confirm your email address.
7. Done! You all signed up for Mingle2.

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