What Is Online Dating

what is online dating

Online dating has been on the rise. According to research conducted by the Pew Research Center in October 2019, almost 30 percent of America’s population has used online dating. 

As years go by, numbers continue to grow. Anxiety is stirred in many people when it comes to searching for love in the digital age. 

It’s advisable to approach dating websites with caution because there have been many people who reported unpleasant experiences with their dates. 

Despite fostering bad experiences, online dating has many benefits. 

Some couples are perfectly matched; it would be impossible to believe they met online. We’ll have a look at what online dating is. 

What’s online dating?

Online dating is also known as internet dating. It’s a way in which people find, contact, and plan to meet each other to develop a relationship through the internet. 

The basic process involved in using online dating is: creating a user account online on a dating site, creating a profile with your photos, adding descriptive information, and matching with your preferences. 

Software-based algorithms are used on online dating services to provide you as a user with matches. 

The software matches one user with another based on your profile information preferences, personal information, and interests. 

Apart from the matching, you can search for potential dates based on their religion, location, age, among other profile information. 

You can contact a potential date through email services or messaging provided by the dating website. 

Is online dating safe?

One of the biggest challenges facing online dating, as well as other online communications, is the problem of security and safety. 

Online dating services monitor all suspicious activities. If a user’s account is in any way compromised, used for fraud, harm, or any other types of criminal activities, then the dating services will delete the account. 

However, they can’t catch every account that isn’t safe. 

Therefore, it’s up to you to be safe when using dating websites. There is common advice regarding safety given across multiple dating services. 

The tips include:

  • If you plan to meet someone, arrange the meeting in a public place.
  • Ensure you drive yourself to and from the meeting in a public place.
  • Don’t use your real name on your online dating profile.
  • Be cautious of people who demand money or gifts.

Despite safety and security being major concerns, you need to approach online dating as regular dating. 

When using precautions, use the same ones you’d use when dealing with people in any situation. 

You shouldn’t be afraid of meeting new people due to these concerns. Another thing that’s becoming popular is using online tools to check up on previous relationships. 

Therefore, dating websites usually have a way to block users, just like social media sites. 

What’s the goal of online dating?

The obvious reason why people join dating websites is to find a partner. 

Few people find it hard to find a partner using the normal traditional ways. 

Some people are more comfortable talking behind the screen because they’re a little shy in real life, or others simply can’t find the person they want to be with, and therefore decide to explore online dating.

The main goal for online dating is to create a safe space for people to interact and develop personal, romantic, or even sexual relationships. 

Is online dating worth it?

Online dating is definitely worth considering. The relationship developed can go very well and lead to a successful marriage. 

However, if marriage isn’t your goal, you can still date around and meet new people. 

Online websites remain a great way to socialize and meet new people around your area or the world. 


Just like anything else, online dating has both benefits and disadvantages. 

The main fear behind security and safety. Some people aren’t real, and it can take time before you can determine that. 

However, the good outweighs the bad. Many people have met online and developed relationships that they wouldn’t have ever had in their lives.

It’s an excellent way for people to connect and date each other. 

If you are having trouble finding love more conventionally, do not hesitate to give online dating a shot. 

Be smart about how you handle yourself, but also be open to the new opportunities that may present themselves.

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